Defence Professional Services Standing Offer Panel (DPSP)


Project Outcomes is a project management consulting group specialising in operations in the ‘above the line’ government sector. It is proudly Australian owned and operated. There are no parent companies or external controls on the company’s operations and direction. It was established in 1999 and has since developed a solid track record in delivering quality solutions to a range of government departments and non-government organisations.


The company focuses on the provision of professional and technical project support. With a balanced mix of private and public sector experience, our team of consultants is well-equipped to provide objective advice and assist in the development of practical solutions. Our strength lies in our consultants’ skills, knowledge and experience. With backgrounds that span program and project management, business analysis, process definition, change management, logistics, systems engineering, systems architecture, technical writing, requirements definition, policy development, risk management and management training, we take pride in the knowledge that our people and teams bring the right balance of skills to every assignment. Project Outcomes is also part of a network of service providers who share our commitment to customer satisfaction; this gives us great flexibility and capacity.


The Project Outcomes’ team covers the following services, within Service Category 1 – Business Management Services at Tier 1:

  • Corporate Strategy & Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Performance Management & Reviews
  • Business Analysis, Business Improvement and Change Management
  • Reform Initiatives
  • Strategic Risk Management & Assessment
  • Corporate Governance Planning and Review
  • Project Management

Our subcontractor team for the DPSP includes:

Acache logo with link to company website.
РAcach̩ is a small to medium enterprise providing management consulting services along the east coast of Australia. We provide a broad range of business advice and services to clients in the implementation of business change, including:

  • Business process re-engineering, organisational development and change;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Functional reviews and analysis;
  • Business systems analysis, review and implementation;
  • Project management and risk management;
  • Development and implementation of methodologies and frameworks;
  • ICT strategy development;
  • Benefits management and realisation;
  • Group and individual facilitation; and
  • Procurement management expertise.

Magpie Applied Technology logo with link to company website.
Magpie Applied Technology (Magpie)
– Magpie is a Canberra-based firm assisting clients with challenging problems. Magpie is operated by Dr Ian Faulconbridge; a management and engineering professional with experience across a range of industries and sectors.

Magpie’s lines of business include:

  • Management and engineering consulting;
  • Training, mentoring and workshop facilitation;
  • Product development; and
  • Research and publishing.

We tend to specialise in the early stages of technical projects. This is the stage where all projects are either set up to succeed or fail. We help with project scoping, estimation (schedule and budget) and the development of a realistic execution strategy.

We also work with technical projects that are in trouble. We help identify the causes of the trouble with a view to proposing pragmatic ways ahead.

Magpie has experience across government projects (State and Federal) and projects in the private sector. Technologies with which we are experienced and familiar include ICT, sensor systems, training and simulation systems, and military systems. Our industry experience spans defence, rail and infrastructure, utilities, and banking.

Pario Solutions Group logo with link to company website.
Pario Solutions Group
– PSG is a leading consulting services provider with extensive experience across the Commonwealth public sector. Our specialist services extend across a wide range of national and international services. We can offer a team that can provide practical and informed expertise with extensive corporate and individual expertise that is relevant and informed.

Our consultants are highly qualified, accredited and maintain leading experience in specialist areas such as risk and performance management, integrity and anti-corruption, work health and safety and business process improvement and training. We also have a sound understanding and appreciation of the Australian public sector and in particular the Federal Government.

Our services include a range of capabilities and specialist expertise broadly grouped across the following key areas:

  • Monitoring & Evaluation Systems, Quality Assurance, Performance and Compliance Management Audit.
  • Integrity, anti-corruption and investigation.
  • Governance Assessments, Strategy & Business Continuity Controls & Systems.
  • Corporate Business Risk Management Systems, Controls and Training.
  • Anti-Money Laundering, Integrity and Anti-Corruption, Fraud and Identity Management Systems, Controls and Frameworks.
  • Program & Project Management, Change Management.
  • Work Health and Safety Processes and Compliance.

Simcon Services Pty Limited logo with link to company website.
Simcon Services Pty Ltd (Simcon)
– SimCon was formed in 1999 to provide independent consulting services to the public and private sectors. SimCon offers a complete suite of services including:

  • Business Improvement Analysis;
  • Project Development;
  • Project Management;
  • Needs Analyses;
  • Quality Improvement;
  • Risk Management;
  • Workshop and Seminar Management; and
  • Procurement advice and services.

Bifrost Consulting Pty Ltd – Bifrost is a specialist provider of Business and Project Management services, as well as Procurement and Contract Management expertise. Its expertise is based on a track record of successfully supporting organisations with management consulting and strategic guidance on:

  • Business improvement;
  • Acquisitions and achieving business goals;
  • Market positioning and development;
  • Bid management and preparation;
  • Achieving performance targets on corporate goals;
  • Acquisitions for capability gaps;
  • Procurement strategies; and
  • Development of Defence through-life support markets.

Digiman Australia Pty Ltd – Digiman specialises in the provision of Project Management, Systems Engineering (including requirements definition) and Procurement and Contract Management services. It has had extensive experience in providing these services to Defence and the IT industry since 2001.